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Your Onboarding Guide

MoLove® X Summer 2024 Creator Program

Look at you, thriving! We're embracing you with a big virtual hug and a giant mug of adaptogens. 💚

Here's everything you need to know about making the best out of our affiliate partner program specifically tailored for incredible and mission-aligned influencers like yourself!

Getting Started

Our Content Guide

We've put together a content guide to help support you with content creation for our brand. We're all about health and wellness and want to see you thrive and help others connect with our mission.

Please visit the guide, and don't forget to review the program Terms & Conditions.

#molovefoods #moloveaffiliate

Our mandatory campaign hashtags are
#molovefoods #moloveaffiliate. Please make sure to include them with your content.

Creator Affiliate Tiers

  • Trailblazer

    0 to 10 Referrals

    Discount Offer: 20%

    Commission Rate: 8% 🌸

    Two free products ($120 value)

  • Superstar

    10 to 50 Referrals

    Discount Offer: 20%

    Commission Rate: 10% 🌟

    Exciting bonuses and store credit

  • Luminary

    51 to 100+ Referrals

    Discount Offer: 20%

    Commission Rate: 12% ⚡️

    Exciting bonuses and store credit


Program Details

  • All products in our catalog are eligible for commissions, including bundles, multipacks, and preorders.
  • You start at the 'Trailblazer' tier and automatically advance to the next tier once you hit the referral threshold.
  • Your referral count never resets, meaning you can continuously collect referrals and boost your commission rates.
  • Exciting bonuses await our top performers!
  • Our affiliate program is powered by our amazing partners at Social Snowball, an innovative influencer management platform.
  • Social Snowball lets you:
            • Reliably track your referrals and commissions in real-time
            • Withdraw payouts effortlessly
            • Manage your affiliate code and link with ease.
  • Your Discount Code

    We’ve sent you a personal discount code via email. If you’d like a different code, you can easily customize it in the Snowball portal.

    Share your code along with our website,, on your social channels. Every time someone uses your code, you earn a commission!

  • Your UTM Tracking Link

    In addition to your code, you have the option to share your tracking link:

    This link automatically applies your discount code at checkout and tracks your referrals with a 30-day cookie.

  • Your Affiliate Account Portal

    Your affiliate account portal gives you the option to track your MoLove partnership.

    In the portal you can view your referral statistics and commissions in real-time, access and customize your discount code, access your unique tracking link, view pending payouts and update your account details.

  • Managing Payouts

    Payouts are released on the 1st and 15th of each month, following a 15-day holding period to prevent order fraud.

    You’ll receive an email to withdraw your funds via Tremendous. Choose from over 200 payout channels including PayPal, ACH, Venmo, virtual prepaid cards, and gift cards to popular retailers, all with no fees.

How to get your Goodies

Ordering your Products

We've issued you a credit for two products to get you started as an affiliate! Simply login to your Social Snowball account and click 'Redeem Gift' to order your products.


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

If you're on this page, you're likely already approved to join our program. To finish setting up your account, check your email for an invite to create your Social Snowball account. Simply click the link and create your password.

Didn’t receive the invite? Contact us at for assistance.

Referral tracking cookies last for 30 days. You earn your commission even if a referee removes the code from their cart, as long as the cookie is retained and they make their first purchase within the 30-day period.

Log in to your Social Snowball affiliate account here to track your referrals and check the status of your commissions.

Yes, you can edit your discount code in your account portal, and it will automatically update your tracking link.

Yes, orders need a minimum value of €30 (approximately $33 USD) to use the discount code. However, you will earn commissions on all referred orders, regardless of the order value.

You will still earn commissions as long as the purchase is made within the 30-day period, even if the discount code is not used.

We have a 14-day holding period for payouts to prevent fraud. Payouts are processed on the 1st and 15th of each month. You can choose from various payout options like Paypal, Venmo, and gift cards.

Please refer to our Content Guide for detailed guidelines and inspiration. Make sure to use our hashtags #molovefoods and #moloveaffiliate in your posts.

Yes, please avoid making health claims unless they comply with regulations in your area. Refer to the Content Guide for more details.

You can reach out to us on any of our social channels or email us directly at

Welcome to the MoLove Family

Let's Connect

We're thrilled to have you join us! Please follow us on our socials, start creating content, and help spread the MoLove:

Is there anything you would find helpful for us to include on this page? What can we do to support you with referrals? Please let us know. Simply ping us on any channel.

With lots of love,

The MoLove Team