MoLove® Affiliate Program Overview

Welcome to the MoLove® Affiliate Program! We're embracing you with a big virtual hug and a giant mug of adaptogens. 💚 Here's everything you need to know about our program.

Our Affiliate Tiers


  • 0-50 referrals
  • Commission rate: 10%


  • 51-200 referrals
  • Commission rate: 12%

Mo’ Artiste

  • 201-500 referrals
  • Commission rate: 12.5%

Total Boss

  • 501-1000 referrals
  • Commission rate: 13%

Absolute Legend

  • 1000+ Referrals
  • Commission rate: 13.5%

Program Details

All products in our catalog are eligible for commissions. You'll automatically advance to the next tier once you hit the referral threshold. Exciting bonuses are in store for our top performers. Plus, your referral count has no expiry date!

Our affiliate program is powered by our amazing partners at Social Snowball. 

Your Unique Tracking Link

We use a Smartlink for tracking that automatically generates a unique discount code for each referral. When your followers click on these links, they're greeted with a ready-to-use coupon which applies directly to their cart.

Customizing Your Link (Optional)

Prefer a specific link format? No problem! Just send us a message with your desired format, and we'll make the change.

Understanding Cookie Duration

Referral tracking cookies last for 30 days. You earn your commission even if a referee removes the code from their cart, as long as the cookie is retained and they make their first purchase within the 30-day period.

Please note: Currently, only first-time orders qualify for referral discounts and commissions as we currently don’t have a tech solution for tracking repeat orders. 

Discount Codes for Campaigns (Optional)

Need a good ol’ discount code for a specific campaign, like an email blast? Let us know! We can create time-limited discount codes to support your outreach.

Your Affiliate Program Account Portal

You can login to your Social Snowball affiliate account at any time to track your referrals, and check the status of your pending and available payouts.

Need to set up your account? Sign up here. Already finished your account setup? Access your dashboard here.

Payout Options

We have a mandatory 14-day holding period for payouts to prevent order fraud and we process all our pending affiliate payouts on the 1st and 15th of each month. All payouts that have passed the holding period will be released on those dates. Thanks to our partnership with Tremendous, you can choose from a vast range of payout options once your commission is ready, including cash payouts and gift cards.

Options include:

  • Paypal
  • Virtual prepaid cards (Visa)
  • Venmo
  • Amazon gift cards 
  • Starbucks US
  • Walmart
  • Airbnb
  • ACH
  • Asos
  • Target
  • And many others 

Of course there is absolutely no fee applied from our side for you to make a withdrawal to whatever payout method you choose.

Minimum order value

Please note that in order to receive the referral discount, orders need to have a min order value of €30. However, you still get paid your commission on every order you refer even if the order value is below the referral discount threshold.

Store gift cards are applied as payment and don’t get deducted from the order value, so you will always receive your full commission on the order value even if some of your referees are using gift cards at checkout.


You have the option to get notified about each sale, which is turned on by default. If you don’t want to be notified each time you make a referral, you can easily turn this off in your account portal.

General Rules

Please be aware of regulations in your area in regards to ‘health claims’. For example, in the EU, you are generally not allowed to make blanket statements about any products purporting specific health benefits unless they have been authorized in the register.

We absolutely love our products and they have changed our lives for the better in so many ways, but the EU has a rigorous process to allow health claims and most mushrooms and adaptogens are way too novel to have gone through this kind of process and currently there aren’t enough scientific studies and evidence to support making those kinds of claims.


We’d LOVE your feedback! Is there anything you would find helpful for us to include on this page? What can we do to support you with referrals? Please let us know. Hit us up on any channel. 


Alicia & Yager