5 Important Things to Know about Mushroom Supplements

Von Alicia Ferratusco

5 Important Things to Know about Mushroom Supplements

Hello wellness enthusiasts,

As interest in natural health boosters grows, mushroom supplements are gaining popularity for their potential benefits. However, not all mushroom supplements are created equal. Here are five crucial things you should know before adding these products to your daily regimen:

1. Purity Matters

The quality of a mushroom supplement is critically dependent on its purity. Mushrooms are bioaccumulators, which means they naturally absorb substances from their environment, acting much like a 'sponge'. This characteristic allows them to accumulate not only nutrients but also potential contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are common in areas affected by pollution or industrial activity. Always choose products from reputable companies that offer transparency about their sourcing and production practices.

2. Fruiting Bodies vs. Mycelium: What's the Difference?

Mushroom supplements are derived from two parts of the fungus: the fruiting body (the above-ground part that you recognize as a mushroom) and the mycelium (the root-like structure that grows underground). Fruiting bodies are typically recognized for having higher levels of naturally occurring nutrients, whereas mycelium generally has lower concentrations of these nutrients and is often grown on grain substrates that may be present in the final product. Many popular companies use mycelium in their products primarily because it’s more cost-efficient to produce; however, this can affect the overall nutrient profile of the supplement. Knowing which part of the mushroom is used in your supplement can help you choose a better supplement.

3. Understanding What Mushroom Supplements Are

Mushroom supplements are concentrated forms of fungi, designed to provide the natural components of mushrooms in a convenient format. They are available in various forms such as powders, capsules, or liquid extracts. These supplements are created to include the intrinsic properties of mushrooms, which are traditionally associated with supporting general wellness. They can be part of a balanced lifestyle, complementing a varied diet.

4. Health Claims: Caution Is Key

In Europe, it's illegal for companies to make outrageous health claims about dietary supplements. Always be skeptical of products that promise miraculous results. Trusted companies will provide balanced information and note that supplements are intended to support health, not cure diseases.

5. Capsules vs. Combination Products

While capsules are a common form of taking supplements, they might not always be the most cost-effective or beneficial option. Combination products like our MoJoe blends utilize the full potential of mushrooms by combining them with synergistic ingredients, enhancing their benefits and often offering better value.

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